Mot Bjergane


This particular part of Midtre Etnefjell has always intrigued me. This is the view we get whilst passing over from the lake Djupavatnet to Mjåvatnet, just below this impressive wall of rock shaped by the Ice Age.

My first attempts on taking on this motif goes back to my late teenage years as an aspiring artist. It is therefore an emotionally journey back in time, revisiting the task of conveying the sublime atmosphere of this place.

Mot Bjergane 100x122

“Mot Bjergane” 100 x 122 cm. Akrylic and Oil on board.

Nye verk klar for Galleri Giga!

Etter ein hektisk seinvinter og vår, har eg no endeleg klar nye arbeid for utstillinga på Galleri Giga. Den opnar 7.mai, og vil visa 14 maleri og tre kullteikningar. Ettersom det blei litt omrokkering av utstillingsdatoane mine i år, fekk eg det brått svært travelt, men med god hjelp frå min ivrige student og assistent Bitta Bøthun Bjørnsdotter kom eg i havn med nok bilder til å gi Stordpublikumet ei fullverdig inntrykk av kor eg befinn meg med mine arbeider for tida.

Eg har utforska vidare i muligheten med tynne lag med lasur og dei effektene det gir form i form av dybde og dynamikk. Det handlar om å pressa seg til å utfordra ein etterkvart ganske så innarbeida M.O. Ein må våga å ta sjansen og sjå kva som opnar seg av muligheter, sjølv om ein er under press. Eg har tatt opp motiv eg kjenner godt og gitt dei nye uttrykk. Kanskje små endringar, men dette er ein langsam prosess. Nokre heilt nye motiv har det også blitt.

Stord 180 x 130“Frå Stord” 180 x 130 cm. Akryl på lerret.

Maleriet er basert på eit foto av Åsmund Hellesøy.



Mot flokatveitnuten og solhgrn 80x70“Mot Flokatveitnuten og Sølheimsgrønnut” 80 x 70 cm. Akryl på plate.

Dyrskar 80x51“Frå Dyrskar” 80 x 51 cm. Akryl på plate.

Frå hytta 160x130“Mot Håheimsskaret” 160 x 130 cm. Akryl på lerret.


Sørnuten:Djupah. 100x30“Sørnuten/Over Djupaheiane” 1oo x 30 cm. Akryl på lerret.

Her er link til Galleriet:

Vaulo in a mono print, and a painting.

I would like to share two different takes on one specific motif.

I was kindly offered to use this picture taken by Roy Martin Øyjord after I spotted it on his FB-page.

For the mono prints, I decided to use a range of different techniques. I started by making four large wooden carborundum plates after tracing the image from the painting. I then added an etched aluminum plate to go on top. Presented here is one of the many different prints.

Vaulo Monotypi 107 x 57

Vaulo. Mono print 107 x 57 cm.

Vaulo 104 x 61,5

Vaulo. Acrylic on wooden board. 104 x 61,5 cm.

Håheimsskar, Sørnuten & Djupavatnet.



Acrylic on canvas

160 x 130 cm.

Unusual viewpoint taken from the other side of Stordalsvatnet, a grand lake in Etne. The composition came out very dramatic with a prominent “X” crossing over at about the golden ratio. The shadow at the right hand side caused some difficulties, but nothing a little rubbing couldn’t fix.

Mot Sørnuten X160x130


Acrylic on canvas

160 x 130 cm.

This is a slightly different version from the previous ones. This painting is showing some more snow than usual, and is taken from a lower viewpoint. I was really worried about the large portion of white at the bottom of the format, as it contains little less than just plain snow. Somehow I find it rather interesting the way it frames the busy section in the middle.

Ved Djupavatnet 140x57


Acrylic on board.

140 x 57 cm.

I have made several versions of this part of Midtre Etnefjell taken from the small hill to the right field of this painting. The picture was taken by my brother, and I kind of liked the dynamic between the snow, the rocks and the lake. My assitant Hedda Susann Låte made a great effort, cutting out the background and drawing/cutting the little red cabin.

Åboren og Sørnuten.

In between the slow, yet inspiring process of undertaking large formats, I take the time to make small studies where I allow myself to be more experimental and impulsive with my techniques. For one of these two small pieces, I chose to revisit the complex patterns of the area towards the peak Åborenuten. This terrain is very rich in minerals, and I recall my childhood memories, searching along the shore and on the exposed lakebed during the low water caused by the hydropower plant (built in the 1920’s). Lovely double terminated Quartz crystals could be picked up from the sand, making every trip a true treasure hunt. Today I search for visual gems in the remaining patches of snow, nature’s own way of drawing the landscape.

Mot Sørnuten 79,5x49.

“Mot Sørnuten”

Akryl på plate/Acrylic on board. 79,5×49 cm.





Frå Kvamsgrønnut mot Åboren 60 x 79

“Frå Kvamsgrønnut, mot Åboren”

Akryl på plate/Acrylic on board. 79×60 cm.

A couple of small pieces.

Frå kvamstølen

“Frå Kvamstølen”

50×50 cm. Acrylic on board.

This is the view from my family’s cabin, Kvamstølen.

Dyrskar lite


72,5×53 cm. Acrylic on board.

Most of my paintings are from the area “Midtre Etnefjell”. However, sometimes I come across a scenery I simply can’t resist to take on. This is the view you get just before entering the very long tunnel on Haukeli going towards Etne from Oslo.