Ved Djupavatnet

Ved Djupavatnet 180 x 130 cm. Acrylic and oil on canvas. (Based upon a picture taken by Albert Inge Rafdal)


The 180 x 130 cm version of Djupavatnet is now almost completed. One final layer of varnish and the piece will be ready for display. Currently, I find myself focusing on the larger formats, as the demand is surprisingly high (I believe modern type houses are able to accommodate bigger paintings) and my ever growing interest for expanding into these lovely vast canvases are about to determine my path ahead.


Today a gentleman, whom used to live here in Etne and has his family here, came by to show me some pictures from the area around his mountain cabin. The images struck me almost “Quintessential Rafdal”, and besides taking the order of a large piece for his house in Stavanger, I humbly asked him if he would grant me access to using the excess material for future reference. So, it seems I have a lot of new motifs coming up and many hours of work ahead.