As a professional artist, I do need to sell the odd piece for bread and butter. In order to reach a broader audience I try to vary the formats a lot, as some art buyers have limited space available for display, or simply their budget is a little tight.

My most recent session included two very different versions of Haukeli. A full version at 170×125 cm, and a tiny baby at a mere 58×38 cm. The smaller piece being at section from the center features of the large version.

It’s interesting to experience how different the landscape appears after selecting just a small portion rather than scaling it down to size.

2018-03-13 08.37.30

“Haukeli” 170×125 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

2018-03-13 08.38.04

“Haukeli” 58×38 cm. Acrylic on board.