For the next two exhibitions I have been on an unusually tight schedule, thus having to make the production process as efficient as possible. Alas, no time for a range of new motifs and prototypes. There will hopefully be time for that later on this year.

2017-09-22 09.51.24.jpg

Outside my studio.



Nevertheless, experiments can also be focused on ground already covered. By taking up some of my most valued references, I was able to work towards an array of my best compositions so far, and bring them a notch furter.

2017-09-27 09.48.30.jpg

Thea giving the canvas a decent scrubbing. It’s hard work!

So, did this loop approach make any difference as to saving valuable time? I would say it probably did, although I find myself in a notorious habit of getting involved in some strange detail, effect or other aspect, only to see it it swiftly gone in a whim of sandpaper madness.

Like the nature I try to convey, it’s never predictable.

Haukeliseter 170x125

I simply love the way this one turned out. A slightly rougher approach. Perhaps this will be my  M.O. for the next series.