From May 4th to June 26th my works will be on display at the Galleri Holmen in Balestrand, kicking off the Jazz Festival “Balejazz” on the first weekend of the exhibition period.

I will present some new work selected for this show in particular. The modestly sized 120 x 80 painting titled “Over Vikafjellet” has a rather strange “out of the car window” feel to it, and I was very ambivalent as to how well this photo (taken by the eager photographer Siv Helen during our journey across the country last summer) would work as painting. The horizon line is rally out of level, and this kept bothering me during the process. In the end it turned out rather interesting, and with a slightly different palette it makes  a nice expansion of the range.

In order to connect with the local audience, I found a nice subject for a small 23 x 23 mezzotint and made an edition for this show. The dramatic contrasts in this print is playing very well with the black and white. I hope my attempt to portray the “Keipen” will be well received with the locals.

I also had time for a tiny 17 x 9 mezzotint. This little “baby print” has a dusk or perhaps  dawn-feel, taken from our drive mentioned above. The area of Vikafjellet is located at the border between Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane, and forms the perimeter of the specific type of terrain I pursue to capture in my work.  In our region you find the rounded mountaintops, worn down by the Ice Age. On the other side, the dramatic peaks rising from the fjords.