Sometimes people approach me with some really interesting motifs they have captured on camera. As long as the pictures correspond with a specific set of features I want in my works, I can take on pretty much anything. It’s actually rather convenient as I don’t have to make the somewhat hard journey far into the mountains in deep and soft snow. It can be really hard to negotiate for the most.

Terje Fosse captured som really nice images from an area I remember well from my childhood. Some of my friends families had their cabins in this area, and my family went skiing there quite frequently. Terje kindly allowed me to use his images and this has so far resulted in two large pieces.

The small birch wood is just about able to survive this tough environment, and they make a really interesting touch when included in the composition.

2019-04-08 08.44.46“Mot Lysenuten” 190×130 cm. Acrylic on canvas.



Ved Holmavatnet“Ved Holmavatnet” 145×110 cm. Acrylic on canvas.