After introducing mezzotints and discontinuing the run of mono prints, the display of works in exhibitions have become less of a struggle. Combining such a great variety of different techniques was getting complicated, and although the mono prints, with their abstract touch and wide color range worked very well on their own as individual pieces, they failed to merge with the flow of the sensation I was trying to accomplish with the exhibitions.

Mezzotints are usually printed as a monochrome singe plate deal. The range of tones very much makes up for the lack of multi layer effects. As the observant reader might have picked up on, I like my works to have a certain amount of distortion and imperfections. I had to find a way to add some fuss and atmospherical mood, and an additional plate using white ink proved to be a very good way to get the final touch. This second plate is very much a random event, giving the prints a great variation in mood and tone; some rather clean, others very rough. Alas it’s rather complicated to set up an on-line shop for the editions, given the fact that the prints are not identical and each individual print must be liste individually.


“Bjergane” Mezzotint 22×23 cm. Printed on Hänemule 300 g.


“Frå Kvamsstølen” Mezzotint 30×24 cm. Printed on Hänemule 300 g.