Having worked as a professional full-time artist for some 18 years, I feel fairly confident about my M.O. during the work on my main series of paintings. However, sometimes things go sideways, backwards and occasionally nowhere. For those reading my previous post about Vikafjellet, you might remember the 160×130 format I presented as a finished work. Well, the piece has been bugging me for some time, sitting in the studio corner. There was something unresolved about the composition, after all the usual layers and features were applied. 

I decided to make this piece into an experiment. Adding dark patina, some additional sanding (thus exposing the acrylics making it difficult to apply terps and oil colors) and some more clouds and mist. The lower section really bugged me, as the shape of the snow in the foreground seemed odd and not playing very well along with the rest of the composition.

The darker tone makes for more of a dramatic feel to the piece as it now sits. I’m very content and will certainly not be afraid to revisit works in the future.

Anything can happen …


The first “Finished state”


The current version.