Acrylic on canvas

160 x 130 cm.

Unusual viewpoint taken from the other side of Stordalsvatnet, a grand lake in Etne. The composition came out very dramatic with a prominent “X” crossing over at about the golden ratio. The shadow at the right hand side caused some difficulties, but nothing a little rubbing couldn’t fix.

Mot Sørnuten X160x130


Acrylic on canvas

160 x 130 cm.

This is a slightly different version from the previous ones. This painting is showing some more snow than usual, and is taken from a lower viewpoint. I was really worried about the large portion of white at the bottom of the format, as it contains little less than just plain snow. Somehow I find it rather interesting the way it frames the busy section in the middle.

Ved Djupavatnet 140x57


Acrylic on board.

140 x 57 cm.

I have made several versions of this part of Midtre Etnefjell taken from the small hill to the right field of this painting. The picture was taken by my brother, and I kind of liked the dynamic between the snow, the rocks and the lake. My assitant Hedda Susann Låte made a great effort, cutting out the background and drawing/cutting the little red cabin.