In between the slow, yet inspiring process of undertaking large formats, I take the time to make small studies where I allow myself to be more experimental and impulsive with my techniques. For one of these two small pieces, I chose to revisit the complex patterns of the area towards the peak Åborenuten. This terrain is very rich in minerals, and I recall my childhood memories, searching along the shore and on the exposed lakebed during the low water caused by the hydropower plant (built in the 1920’s). Lovely double terminated Quartz crystals could be picked up from the sand, making every trip a true treasure hunt. Today I search for visual gems in the remaining patches of snow, nature’s own way of drawing the landscape.

Mot Sørnuten 79,5x49.

“Mot Sørnuten”

Akryl på plate/Acrylic on board. 79,5×49 cm.





Frå Kvamsgrønnut mot Åboren 60 x 79

“Frå Kvamsgrønnut, mot Åboren”

Akryl på plate/Acrylic on board. 79×60 cm.